Technical Education Society of India (TESI)

  • Technical Education Society of India is a registered N.G.O. It is registered under the TCLSC Societies registration act 1955. Technical education socity (TESI) formed with seven members. The main purpose of the society is to promote technical education.

  • TESI has been working hard to improve the technical talent of the students and Technicians. TESI conducting examinations in various member institutions these examinations popular among the technical Institutes. Various students got job in India and abroad with TESI certificates.

  • TESI conducting seminar/workshops to improve the quality of the technical students an expert term presenting the update developments in the technical fields. This is very helpful to the member institutions.

  • Affiliation for institutions given to any technical institute as per the rules and regulations of the society. This can obtained by any communicating media.

  • For revising the syllabus of the course a team of experts working for the society.